Our Technology (patents granted)

Our technology platform is based on a new bipolar laminar battery cell design capable of employing several existing electrode chemistry combinations or redox electrolytes.

We have developed our own proprietary zinc based rechargeable cell chemistry for our battery which overcomes the problems associated with zinc dendrite formation found with conventional cell designs.

The new design eliminates the need for cell bus bar connectors or cell balancing, and enables fast charge and discharge rates to be achieved without overheating.

We have focussed on ensuring the design can be manufactured in high volume and using low cost materials.

Zincell 15 Volt LED

Our battery storage technology is designed to exhibit the following key performance features:
  • Fast charge and discharge response times
  • Design for cost and simple manufacture
  • Flexible modular array manufacture for better cell balancing
  • Generic platform capable of using several chemistries and redox electrolytes, e.g. reversible zinc, and lithium ion chemistries
  • Capacity for custom voltages at start of manufacturing process
  • Flexible volume footprint, from low aspect wide area flat to high aspect block configurations
  • Operation in temperatures: -20C to +50C
  • Cost effectiveness and payback in both installation and operation
  • Environmentally-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and safe
  • Meets new worldwide regulatory and compliance requirements and directives
The new design will enable fast charge and discharge rates of equivalent power density, thereby increasing the number of cycles and power transfer achievable, compared to conventional battery cell constructs.The new platform technology also allows designs which bridge the charge/discharge rate and storage capacity gap between standard battery designs and supercapacitors.

Our prototypes consist of printed battery cell arrays laminated and housed in a 3D printed battery case.

We recently demonstrated feasibility of our bipolar cell arrays with 4.8V, 16V and 48V battery designs using our proprietary reversible zinc chemistry. The battery is designed for accumulating and storing energy from renewable energy generation systems, such as photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines. A variant, targeting applications within the EV automotive industry, is also in our long term plans. We recently demonstrated our platform incorporating standard lithium ion cell chemistry, for business applications where lithium is preferred, e.g. automotive industry.

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