Emerging applications for our printed battery are in low power hybrid flexible electronics. These include wearable and mobile devices for personal entertainment, smart wrist bands, location trackers, RF smart cards, sensors, and integration with energy harvesting micro solar PV powered applications.

Zincell NFC charge

Zincell cylinder powering fan

Zincell ST M24SR04 NFC

Zincell flexible printed battery LED wrist band

We are developing a scalable battery system that will offer a flexible range of energy storage capabilities, in capacity, voltage and cycling response times, which will serve particular requirements within the renewable energy generation and supply markets.

The technology will allow intermittent renewable energy generation systems to provide continuous electricity supply when demand requires, e.g. off-grid solar PV telecoms, CCTV and LED lighting.

Solar DAQ & telecoms apps

The technology is designed to be modular and therefore scalable, for applications initially ranging from small off-grid applications, in particular within solar PV, to domestic and microgeneration renewables and larger scale commercial uses.

Solar LED and IP cam apps

In collaboration with interested renewable energy technology manufacturers, installers and electricity management businesses, we can design custom voltages, power, and volume footprint to the customer requirements for this new and evolving market application.

In order to penetrate the market and meet customer requirements we have focussed on battery voltage flexibility, response time during both charge and discharge over it's rated operation conditions, and lifetime capability to meet application requirements, coupled with a cost payback duration less than the battery's lifetime.

Recent testing has demonstrated the potential for use in electric vehicle regenerative braking applications.

Regenerative braking

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